Q: What do you think is the most fascinating about acting?
SH: Well I'm just starting out so I'll check back on this question later, but I would have to say the flavor of it all. To be able to climb into the skin of one character one day and a completely different one the next. It's a lot of fun.

Q: Would you accept a role which involves singing?
SH: NO ONE needs to see that haha.

Q: How strong are your ambitions to use your sportive abilities in your roles? Are you more interested in roles in movies/ tv series which include a lot of martial arts?
SH: Totally! I live for stunts, fights and explosions.

Q: How about cult movies like James Bond. Would you like to be part of them?
SH: Who could say no?

Q: Who influenced you most in your acting? Do you have any idols (actingwise)?
SH: Paul Newman, Jean-Claude van Damme, Robert Redford, Gerald Butler, Tony Jaa, the list is endless

Q: If you could chose any tv show, which one do you consider most appealing to audition for?
SH: Sons of Anarchy would be cool.

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