Aug 06th, 11 ::Sean started working on his new project Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown which needs your help to raise production costs. Help on
Feb 15th, 11 ::This week's NCIS episode 8x15 Defiance featured a stunt performance by Sean.
Mar 02nd, 10 ::Once again an episode of NCIS was in need of Young Gibbs, a perfect excuse to bring Sean back to screen in 7x16 Mother's Day
Oct 18th, 09 ::Another video clip featuring Sean Harmon has been uploaded in recognition of his work at the film school he's attending at the moment. Go here to see how his acting skills are advancing.
And then there's also a new promo photo of Sean in the gallery
Aug 17th, 09 ::Sound clips of Sean Harmon in 6x04 Heartland have been added. Not only for the original version but for the German dubbed version as well. If you're curious what he sounds like with a German voiceover, head to voices
May 02nd, 09 ::Filming for "The Capture" is done. Head here for first pictures of this upcoming movie. Thank you, Sean.
Mar. 20th, 09 ::With the upcoming German premier of Heartland the German version of this website has been launched: In addition to that Sean agreed to another interview. Go here
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